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Staffing Software Front Office Essentials

What front office staffing software features are must-have items?  Time savings and the ability to compete should be the main focus here. Applicant Onboarding and resume parsing provide the ability to keep high-quality applicants in the pipeline. Mobile access for the staffing company, and client and applicant portals is almost at the point where it … Continued

Peak Performance in 2012

Here we are in 2012.  It’s about the time of year that we wonder where 2011 went.  Some of us may also be taking issue with the “should have” and “would have gotten that done last year” clause.  However, busy, successful people always want to do more than was done.  This is why it’s a … Continued


Life is What You Make It

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Life is what you make it.” People are given different privileges, opportunities and resources and at times this may seem unfair. But rather than fixate on life’s injustices, successful people make the conscious decision to leverage what they do have and keep an eye open for new opportunities. This philosophy can … Continued

Why we love Halloween at our office and you should too!

Halloween can be celebrated in many different ways. Some enjoy watching scary movies and attending haunted houses, while others enjoy going to Halloween costume parties, or even spending time with their little ones going trick-or-treating. What about celebrating Halloween at the workplace?

The Technology Blizzard

Greater than 60,000 undergraduate students from over 400 universities nationwide choose Chicago as one of the top cities in which to work. Chicago has major employers and the city offers a variety of solid career choices. Chicago has a large and diversified economy which equates to 4.3 million employees and a GRP of over 480 … Continued

Industry Specific Staffing vs Off-The-Shelf Back Office Software

What is the difference between an industry specific staffing back office software product vs. off-the-shelf? Let’s begin by saying that both types of software will produce checks and invoices. What sets them apart is the ability to satisfy specific industry needs. The temp business is fast-paced and requires a lot of flexibility in the software. … Continued


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