Ultra-Staff EDGE Front Office

A full featured experience.

Ultra-Staff EDGE offers a user experience that customizes business processes by role.  Because a salesperson uses a different process than a recruiter, and temp/contract jobs are filled differently than direct hire, designing screens by workflow significantly increases productivity.  Data should effortlessly flow through the process and be accessed quickly when needed.  Couple a better workflow with a world class support model from ABD and you have the best front office / CRM imaginable!

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Software screenshot of custom recruiting dashboard

Orchestrate your front office operations with Ultra-Staff EDGE

  • Contract (Temp) and Direct Hire Job Order Management
  • Built-in customizable interactive dashboards
  • Data mining, high-speed full-text Boolean search, “AI” smart ranking and search word highlighting
  • Secure communication via email, text, and social media with transaction logging
  • Multiple EIN, branch and line-of-business seamlessly handled
Software screenshot of resume import feature

Amazing features for the entire company.

  • Manage Sales Funnels and Pipelines
  • Harmonious integration with Microsoft Outlook®
  • Configurable rate tables by position, shift, department (unit), client (facility) and candidate (employee)
  • Customizable drop-downs throughout the application
  • Configurable screens to make it your own
Illustrative diagram detailing Front Office features

Built-in Tools Your Team Will Love

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Daily Planner and Daily Planner Loader

Never miss a follow-up. Track sales calls, customer service calls, arrival checks, interviews, availability and other important follow-ups. Every follow-up date will automatically hit the daily planner. Use the unique Daily Planner Loader to load the planner with call lists for you or your team. Call management was never this easy!

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Resume Import/ Management

Import candidates and resumes from the Microsoft Outlook® toolbar directly from Outlook®. As another option, import candidates and process resumes in bulk directly from Ultra- Staff EDGE. Simply browse and select or drag & drop PDF or text resumes into the tool. Full duplicate checking to avoid parsing in candidates that already exist in the database. Blinding and branding option upon import. Multiple, editable resume copies can be kept on file for client submission.

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Batch Contract Activity Manager

With the batch contract activity manager, edit contract activities in bulk. Update Status; Shift; Start and End Dates; and Pay and Bill Rates in batch. This is the ideal tool to use when you need to update hundreds of assignments. Quick and simple!

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Job Activity Center

Make open job review meetings more productive with the Job Activity Center. The Job Activity Center presents an easy to use drill-down view of all job activities for contract / temp and direct hire job orders. Update activities, enter notes and view resumes and candidate profiles instantly from one convenient screen. Fill orders quicker by keeping a pulse on activity.

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Email and Forms Templates

Create unlimited templates for email use and to create custom forms. Easily merge pertinent data and import a logo. Efficiently manage employee start forms, send out forms, interview reminders and a host of other unique forms for your company.

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Manage Workflows and Quotas

Customize workflows and quotas for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly measurements. Track activities real-time for individuals, teams, branches and lines of business. Monitor activity vs. quota. Front and back office data is securely married and made available in Ultra-Staff EDGE front office for executives and managers.

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Create Pipelines for candidates; clients/ prospects; client contacts; and job orders. Customize the view and perform a variety of tasks directly from the pipeline such as text, email, and even assign and schedule interviews. Share pipelines with internal team members and engage the team to fill orders faster and better. Pipelines help you to effortlessly engage regularly with your candidates, clients and prospects.

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Data Import Tool

Import candidate and prospect lists to keep your database up-to-date with new leads. This highly configurable tool checks for duplicates and can be securely accessed by team members with the appropriate security.

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Love to use shortcut keys to display information with a quick click? You will enjoy incorporating shortcut keys to instantly produce information that you need.

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Ultra-Staff EDGE Webinars

Do you enjoy learning? Ultra-Staff EDGE Webinars are available on demand directly from Ultra-Staff EDGE. Conveniently watch what you want, according to your personal schedule. Webinar times range from 5 minutes to an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together the most common questions we get asked about Ultra-Staff EDGE. If you have a question that you can’t find here, please contact us directly for more information.

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Great question! Ultra-Staff EDGE offers a full contact management solution including pipelines, quota tracking, intense search tools and an integration with popular marketing automation products for a full-service model.

Yes! Produces standard or customized financials by EIN.

Automated Business Designs is completely focused on the staffing industry. ABD is the most experienced partner, having serviced the industry since 1982.

ABD customers are hosted at a highly secure data center with strong protocols and cloud management for security and high uptime.

ABD services a wide range of staffing from day labor to high level direct hire placement. Ultra-Staff EDGE’s customizable interface contains tools for every level of staffing.

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