Data Analytics

Data Analytics with its built-in “AI” is an imperative tool for all staffing companies today.

Visualize your data “in the moment” so that you can react immediately to changing conditions in your business.  From smart dashboards to big data delivered to your email box or mobile device, you can receive the freshest data with a live connection to your database from wherever you are!

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Software screenshot displaying a job order management dashboard

Use the power of your database with these advantages.

  • A fast connection to your database
  • Triggered alerts when thresholds are met
  • Finally, a data visualization tool that is easy to use
  • Secure slicing and dicing of your big data for “what-if” analysis
Software screenshot displaying a sales analysis dashboard

An interactive business tool you can’t live without.

  • Interactive and intuitive
  • Insights to propel your business forward
  • Ask deep questions
  • Collaborate
  • Make an impact
Software screenshot displaying an 'assignments started' dashboard

Scaled for the Enterprise

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Make intelligent decisions and share dashboards for collaboration at its best. Explore relevant data that tells your story.

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The data is there and ready to be explored. Use exceptional visuals to answer questions real-time. Business has to be reactive to compete in today’s fast-changing environment.

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Easy to Use

Tired of having to ask IT for boring reports that don’t tell the entire story? Get what you need fast with ABD’s easy to use data analytics tools.

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Secure Data

Be assured that your data is in a secure environment with permission-only access and delivery.

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Syndicate Your Data

With Ultra-Staff EDGE, all of the data you need for your business is securely housed in one data base. Create visualizations that combine front, middle and back office data so that you can see the entire picture in one model. Simply monumental.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together the most common questions we get asked about Ultra-Staff EDGE. If you have a question that you can’t find here, please contact us directly for more information.

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Great question! Ultra-Staff EDGE offers a full contact management solution including pipelines, quota tracking, intense search tools and an integration with popular marketing automation products for a full-service model.

Yes! Produces standard or customized financials by EIN.

Automated Business Designs is completely focused on the staffing industry. ABD is the most experienced partner, having serviced the industry since 1982.

ABD customers are hosted at a highly secure data center with strong protocols and cloud management for security and high uptime.

ABD services a wide range of staffing from day labor to high level direct hire placement. Ultra-Staff EDGE’s customizable interface contains tools for every level of staffing.

Drill Deep into Your Staffing Data with Ultra-Staff EDGE Data Analytics