The March Madness Office Pool Survival Guide

March is finally here! That means ushering in the start of spring, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and filling out brackets, because the start of the NCAA Basketball Tournament is upon us. Think thrilling upsets, star-making performances, and nail-biting finishes. And that all could happen in Thursday’s first game alone…

What Should Staffing Software Do for You?

Has your staffing software been a major disappointment? Is it costing you more time and money than it makes for you? Ever wonder what the problem could be? You did the research, compared products and thought you selected the best software for your needs. How did the project go south? First, do you know your … Continued

How Automation Can Make You Money

 Everyone is automated.  The other day I ran across “Giggles®” software for babies.  Kids that can barely speak are keyboard and mouse savvy.  Grandparents are storing recipes, emailing and setting up Facebook® pages. Books are being read on screens.  Newspapers encourage you to read their “on-line edition”.  Offices are completely unable to function without email.  … Continued

In Two Years, Ultra-Staff EDGE has become one of the most respected Enterprise Class Staffing Software Solutions in the Industry.

Join Automated Business Designs in celebrating the two-year anniversary of Ultra-Staff EDGE! CHICAGO, Illinois– Automated Business Designs (ABD), developers of Ultra-Staff staffing software, is celebrating the two-year anniversary of their web-based front office solution, Ultra-Staff EDGE!  ABD has funneled its 36 years of staffing industry experience and customer ideas into the solution.  In just two short … Continued

Automated Business Designs Unveils the Next Generation of Staffing Software, Ultra-Staff EDGE

ABD’s new staffing product, Ultra-Staff EDGE, promises to be the most significant staffing software product released in the past decade. Chicago, Illinois– Automated Business Designs (ABD), makers of Ultra-Staff staffing software, released their brand new product Ultra-Staff EDGE! Ultra-Staff EDGE joins a phenomenal line-up of ABD’s innovative software for the staffing and recruiting industry. ABD … Continued

Best Staffing Software: 5 Key Elements

Every company has different recruitment and staffing needs. However, there are key essentials that you should make sure your staffing software solution has. The 5 Key Elements to the Best Staffing Software:

Let’s Go Mobile!

Recruit using a cell phone?  Why not?  We seem to do everything else on our mobile devices.  From groceries, to directions, downloading music, checking our bank account, emailing, texting, checking weather, checking time (who needs a watch) and sometimes we even talk on the cell.  The bottom-line is that information is important and getting information … Continued

Using 40% of Your Staffing Software?

No one ever buys anything with the intent of using a small percentage of the product. Generally, when one makes a major purchase there is a good amount of research involved and desired features are scrutinized for efficiency and effectiveness. There may be yes/no checklists involved, various conversations with the vendor and many product demonstrations. … Continued

4 Ways to Capitalize Staffing Software

Successful people make the conscious decision to use all the tools and resources that they have and keep an eye open for new opportunities. Staffing industry professionals are no different. Staffing firms that take advantage of staffing software technology are using the resources that are available to them to create a more efficient business.

No Rest for the Weary

It’s true that the economy has loosened up a bit and most staffing and direct hire companies are not feeling quite as tightly squeezed as earlier in the year. As the atmosphere improves, however, be watchful of going back to old bad habits. There are always bright signs to a bad economy. We realize who … Continued


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